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Wedding Trends for 2023-2024: Retro Floral Touches

Updated: Apr 1

2023 wedding trends are evoking the fashions of the past with nostalgic touches. For boho brides seeking vintage vibes, weaving retro floral patterns into the smallest details will leave guests feeling like they’ve stepped into a trendy time capsule.

retro floral touches

Check out these wedding planning tips to bring a retro feel to your big day. 

Retro Wedding Color Palettes  

Modern retro-inspired color palettes bring balance, no matter the season you say “I do.” From dusty blues and soft pastels to bold, vibrant colors, consider these wedding color palettes for a chic, vintage-feeling wedding day: 

  • Cherry red, fiery orange, mustard yellow, mauve, and indigo 

  • Goldenrod, cider brown, apricot, mossy green, and dusty blue  

  • Carrot orange, bubblegum pink, merlot, olive green, and black 

  • Ruby, robin’s egg blue, sage green, dusty rose, and marigold 

  • Espresso, fern green, apple red, pumpkin orange, and deep brown 

  • Rosy red, ballet slipper pink, mulberry, canary yellow, and forest green 

Floral Wedding Stationery 

Flowers add beautiful texture to typically flat aspects of your day. Customize your wedding invitations and save the dates with real or paper flowers for a pop of classic color. Introduce guests to your retro floral fairytale wedding the moment they walk in with individualized escort cards complete with fresh or paper mache flowers

Vintage Florals for Weddings 

Outside of your classic floral elements like bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages, get creative with your flower arrangements to achieve a beautiful blend of retro floral shapes and textures with modern designs. 


Hanging Blooms 

Hanging florals are at the top of the 2023–2024 wedding trend must-haves. Blend these hanging floral elements for a perfect swoon-worthy retro vibe: 

  • Statement floral chandeliers: hang above the dance floor or your sweetheart table to draw your guests’ attention 

  • Bouquet clusters: display in lanterns or vintage glass vases 

  • Chic floral canopies: drape multiple canopies across the ceiling for an elegant touch 

  • Minimalist floral rings: display above door frames or the bar to add whimsical movement 

Focal Design Moments 

Lean into the aesthetic with standout, unique wedding decorations placed in unconventional spots throughout your venue. Add any of these cute vintage touches for pops of color and visual interest:  

Floral Dessert Displays 

Sweet-smelling flowers pair well atop a tower of sweets! Deck out your dessert display with edible or non-edible flowers for a foodie-approved feel. Alternatively, make the retro theme personal by recreating your parents or grandparents’ wedding cake. 

Bridal Fashion Accessories  

Accessories are perfect for bringing a retro look to life. There are plenty of opportunities to give your wedding day a timeless spin with these vintage-inspired floral accessories. 

trendy bridal fashion accessories

Flower Crown 

A retro flower crown allows for any rustic, vintage, or retro bride to perfectly pop while walking down the aisle. 

Floral Lace Gloves 

Unique, gorgeous, and trending! Opera-length long or casual short gloves—either way, slip on a pair of retro floral gloves to perfectly complement your day. 

Chunky, Floral Jewelry 

Opt for colorful flower earrings to showcase your color scheme and floral themes. 

Floral Veil  

If you’re looking for a minimalist vibe for your boho or vintage wedding, try a delicate floral veil with subtle full blooms scattered throughout. 

An Exit to Remember  

Create a ceremony exit that’s sprinkled with retro floral touches for a picture-perfect exit. Let guests celebrate your fresh nuptials with colorful, flower confetti, like paper cones filled with flower petals! Nothing says romantic like gliding across a sea of vibrant flower petals. 

When you step out of the venue, drive off to your reception in a vintage getaway car. Add DIY touches, like ribbon-tied tin cans and flowers, with a classic“Just Married” sign or a beautiful wreath in the back. 

Pair Retro Floral Touches With The Perfect Wedding Venue 

After you’ve dreamt up your ideal floral-infused wedding, you’ll need a gorgeous historic venue to complete the retro vibe. At The Regency, our modern, aesthetically pleasing venue and day-of coordinator will bring your dream wedding to life. Reach out today to start planning the wedding you deserve. 

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