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The Best Appetizers for a Wedding

Updated: Apr 1

If ever there was a time to be detail-oriented, it’d be your wedding day. Everything from your dress to the table settings can be tailored to your unique style. However, most people tend to overlook their wedding appetizers. The right combination of appetizers and trendy hors d’oeuvres can leave a major impression on guests, as they’ll be the first thing your guests taste when they arrive.

the best wedding appetizers

As you plan your wedding, consider the best appetizers for your wedding.  

fun wedding appetizer ideas

Oyster Bar   

An oyster bar is great for any summer wedding. Not only does it look beautiful, but oysters can also be quite filling. Oyster bars are customizable, consider offering both fried and raw options with toppings like fresh horseradish, lemon, and sriracha.   


Like oysters, skewers are incredibly customizable and can satisfy a variety of palettes. Typical skewers include meat and veggies, but you can also make vegetarian options using cheeses or fruit. The best part about skewers—they’re easy for guests to carry around so they can continue mingling while they satisfy their stomachs.  

French Fry Baskets  

Everyone loves french fries. Consider offering parmesan fries or sweet potato fries in small baskets so guests get the full presentation. Don’t forget to offer a variety of dipping sauces like ketchup, honey, mustard, or chipotle aioli.   


These mini burgers are great finger food for an outdoor wedding reception. There are many different kinds of sliders, including veggie burger options for your non-meat-eating friends to enjoy. They are also substantial enough to hold everyone over until the main meal.  

Tomato Soup Shooters  

This fun take on tomato soup is one of the most popular and simple wedding appetizers around. Serving tomato soup in shooters allows guests to more easily mingle while eating. Pair them with mini grilled cheese sandwiches on top to add more substance.   

Mini Pizzas  

Pizza always goes over well at weddings and can be particularly cost-effective when compared to other options. Serve mini pizzas in small pizza boxes to give your appetizer table a unique look.  

Charcuterie Board   

Everyone loves a good charcuterie board. Not only do they feature delicious cheeses, jams, and nuts, but their beautiful presentation and layout can take any catering table to the next level. You can even match the colors of your charcuterie board with your wedding colors to create an overall sense of cohesion.  

Mini Avocado Toasts  

Avocado toasts may be trendy, but they’re an easy wedding snack and they’re well-liked by many. Consider serving them on small pieces of bruschetta for a bite-sized version. If avocado isn’t your favorite, you can also serve mini toast with other toppings, such as traditional butter, cranberry, or cheese.  

Donut Holes  

Consider offering different flavored donut holes for a sweet treat—or for a dessert that tastes as good as it looks. Break the rules and have dessert before dinner—it’s your wedding day after all!  

Stuffed Mushrooms  

These easy wedding snacks are great for guests. As a classic, they satisfy savory cravings and ensure your vegetarian and vegan guests have an option to enjoy. 

Spring Rolls  

If you’re looking for a healthier option for your wedding, spring rolls are a great choice; their fresh flavor can be a palette cleanser before jumping into the main courses. Serve them with peanut sauce on the side to go the extra mile.  

Find the Right Venue for Your Wedding  

With your wedding day appetizers covered, you’ll need a place to serve them. As a modern venue located in the heart of historic St. Cloud, The Regency is here for every part of your wedding day. We offer a day-of coordinator, experienced catering staff, and so much more. Contact us to learn more about how we can make all of your wedding daydreams come true.   


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